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Being Creative is one of our six key school values that were chosen by both the children, their families and our staff members.  When you walk around school there is a strong sense of Creativity, our corridor and classrooms are adorned with high quality art work and when you speak to our children they clearly love art.  

Since the introduction of sketchbook use within the KS2 National Curriculum, sketchbooks play a key role in our creative curriculum here at Greatwood. Every child from Year 1 to Year 6 has a sketchbook. Sketchbooks, we believe are an opportunity for our children to express themselves in a creative form and therefore we do not expect these books to follow our school presentation and feedback policy. 

The purpose of Art education is to give pupils the skills, concepts and knowledge necessary for them to express their responses to ideas and experiences in a visual or tactile form. It fires their imagination and is a fundamental means of personal expression. While it is essentially a practical subject, Art should provide opportunities for reflection and, with increasing sensitivity, pupils should acquire the ability to make informed, critical responses of their own work and that of others.

There is great pleasure to be derived from Art and, through deeper understanding pupils can gain access to cultural richness and diversity. The appreciation and enjoyment of the visual Arts enriches all our lives.

In January 2020 we were delighted to be awarded the Arts Mark. 

Mrs Guy is our Art leader and is our Art and Creativity expert, she delivers whole school staff training and has even organised staff wellbeing creative classes. Throughout the Autumn Term Mrs Guy is looking forward to stepping out of Reception to team teach some Art lessons across school.

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