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Maths Curriculum

Our Vision

At Greatwood we aim for all our children to become confident, curious and resilient mathematicians by the time they leave Y6. Our teaching allows children to be inquisitive and to explore mathematical concepts collaboratively as well as independently. Teaching also encourages children to become relational learners and to develop their number sense and number agility. Children receive daily opportunities to problem solve, challenge themselves, develop mathematical links and make mistakes to build on their learning experiences. Ultimately, we aim to ensure that children are equipped with the mathematical skills and knowledge they will need to navigate their next steps in education and beyond that, in their life as adults in the World.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is progressive and spiral and teachers use materials from White Rose Maths and NCETM to deliver carefully planned lessons. Within the lessons there is a strong emphasis on collaborative learning and children using appropriate mathematical vocabulary to explain their thinking and understanding. Children will develop their understanding of new learning through engaging (in sequential phases) using concrete, pictorial and abstract concepts. Mistakes are valued as positive steps towards success and children’s efforts are praised and celebrated along with success when achieving a solution

Our Lesson Approach

Below outlines what our lesson structure for maths looks like from Years 1 - 6.



Current Position

Mr Finch is our Maths leader and he is working alongside staff to develop our approaches to teaching and learning and our Maths learning environment.

We are part way through a whole school review of Maths and therefore the teaching of mathematics is developing over the course of the academic years: 2021-2023. During 2022-2023 the whole school will adopt our new approach and we will begin to consolidate our progress during this period.

Early Years

During Spring 2023, our maths lead is working with our Early Year lead to develop the next steps of maths focus within the Early Years curriculum offer. 

The Maths Learning Environment

Developments for the classrooms will ensure each classroom will have its own dedicated Maths area containing visual learning support materials based on children’s current and previous learning. They will also contain mathematical resources for children to select to assist them in their Maths learning.

Mr Finch is working in partnership with working with Jo Sawyer, Charlotte Davison and the Maths Hub Development Work Group.

Maths Long Term Plans

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

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